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13th Global Peter Drucker Forum
Yes, it’s really happening: the Drucker Forum is reconvening in Vienna in November, reasserting our human need for live, person-to-person exchange. I am very proud to announce that we are part of the team!

This year’s dual approach offers flexible options: join remotely for two digital days (Nov. 10 + 17), and/or travel to Vienna (Nov. 18 + 19). My personal recommendation: book the ‘Total Drucker Experience’ embracing all four days! Programs are now finalised, all offering challenging topics and great speakers from the global Drucker community under the theme „The Human Imperative – Navigating Uncertainty In The Digital Age“ – the common thread running through all four days of the conference. Together we’ll work with ideas from renowned thinkers and leaders, and tackle the biggest challenge and opportunity of a fast-digitizing world: protecting and progressing the human imperative.

Old Hollywood – Geschichte und Geschichterln.

Gute Podcasts gibt es viele. Ich mag aktuell ganz besonders den Hollywood-Podcast von Karina Langworth: Seit 2014 erzählt sie Hintergründe zu den Schlagzeilen und Geheimnissen aus der Stadt der Träume und Albträume. Eine tolle Gelegenheit in die Welt des Kinos einzutauchen.