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Logbook New World 2021, anonymous experience report

Keep moving. Not treading water. 

Heading for terra incognita with an open mind.

Set out to discover blind spots, to break with traditions. Facing the rough wind of the unfamiliar. Hybrid teams? A.I.? Meeting the abundance of new impressions with acumen. Sense making used as a compass. Distinguished the signals from the noise in the spheres of volatility and disruption. The tour guides spread a climate of inquisitiveness in which it is easy to break the ice and recognize paradigm shifts in the demands on leadership. Sighted Future Leaders. Got a tailwind to use creativity wisely and to evaluate innovations and trends. Despite the lure of ever-emerging platforms, stayed on course and steered safely toward effective communication.


Idea management, prototyping & Co.


The only way to be creative is to be open-minded.

Future Leader

Re-think Leadership Development!

Sense Making

Making sense as a key factor for change.

Re-thinking communication

Human-Digitale Teams

Change Roadmap