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You can’t use old maps to see new land!

The current challenges are more complex than ever: thinking, acting and leading differently are essential qualities to achieve the desired results. But the reality is that you will never have all the answers. Trustworthy advice and guidance can help.


How can we help you to achieve more?



Being Agile: Lernen Sie Komplexität!

Appreciative Inquiry



Creative Enhancement



We developed the “WERIETY-Lab” for the first time in 2018 together with FAS Research and the GRANAT network. WERIETY works with the concept of VARIABILITY as a success factor and makes it visible, designable and measurable. WERIETY designs variability with the help of behavioural parameters, works on pattern changes for leadership, new forms of cooperation, questions about the distribution of power and develops narratives.


Participatory Impact Analysis und Action Mapping
Together with FAS Research, we engineered an approach that supports companies and organisations in approaching the topics of innovation and development capacity in an enjoyable, efficient and productive way. An exclusive explorative study design showed, that successful framework conditions depend primarily on the shaping of effective communication.