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You can’t use old maps to see new land!

The black swans have come to stay. How well prepared are you for economic and societal change? Is the wave of change a disaster or an energy that drives you?

Corporate survivability depends on deliberate strategic management of unstable transitions: To what extent is leadership able to model readiness for change and how much room for maneuver exists for employees so that they are able to go along?

Here you will find examples from our toolbox:

Die Urheberrechte an den hier präsentierten Arbeitsblättern liegen bei kommunikationsraum.


Führen in der Veränderung


We developed the “WERIETY-Lab” for the first time in 2018 together with FAS Research and the GRANAT network. WERIETY works with the concept of VARIABILITY as a success factor and makes it visible, designable and measurable. WERIETY designs variability with the help of behavioural parameters, works on pattern changes for leadership, new forms of cooperation, questions about the distribution of power and develops narratives. Learn more
Participatory Impact Analysis und Action Mapping

Together with FAS Research, we engineered an approach that supports companies and organisations in approaching the topics of innovation and development capacity in an enjoyable, efficient and productive way. An exclusive explorative study design showed, that successful framework conditions depend primarily on the shaping of effective communication.

Learn more

Creative Enhancement

In communications consulting, for example, we rely on “creative enhancement” with combinatorial thinking and strategies (in short: a multidisciplinary approach) for business-organisation or situation-specific narratives.


Appreciative Inquiry