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Idea management, prototyping & Co.

Everybody talks about innovation, everybody wants innovation, few succeed. Innovation labs are shooting out of the ground, agility is the new magic word, the “must have” is mutating into innovation terror (© Zukunftsinstitut).

When we are confronted with completely new requirements or the need for greater leaps in performance, it means questioning existing behavior patterns and, if necessary, abandoning them. What is required in this case is radical reorientation and reorganization: Then we speak of innovation.

How we work

Participatory Impact Analysis und Action Mapping

Together with FAS Research, we engineered an approach that supports companies and organisations in approaching the topics of innovation and development capacity in an enjoyable, efficient and productive way. An exclusive explorative study design showed, that successful framework conditions depend primarily on the shaping of effective communication.

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To support sustainable innovation processes, we contribute agile communication designs tailored to these processes:

Stakeholder insights

Idea development

Visual thinking


Story telling