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The only way to be creative is to be open-minded.

Creativity is the fetish of our time. Creativity is not only fuel, but survival elixir of the VUCA world. Creativity can be understood as the underlying mechanism of idea generation.

However, the attempt to make creativity economically available does not lead to more, but to less creativity. Creativity – in its original function as a strategy for coping with reality – is the basis of cultural development. Strong creative energy is only released where free thought is possible (© Matthias Horx, Zukunftsinstitut).

For example, we advise executives to “purpose in the pause. This refers to free spaces for retreat, reflection and regeneration that promote the development of creative thought processes.

To promote creativity in teams, we work specifically with agile elements, which also succeed in remote work conditions.

From our Toolbox

Creative Enhancement

In communications consulting, for example, we rely on “creative enhancement” with combinatorial thinking and strategies (in short: a multidisciplinary approach) for business-organisation or situation-specific narratives.