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Designing communication.

KOMMUNIKATIONSRAUM helps organisations from business, industry and politics to communicate better. We advise on effective communication, sustainable change and meaningful leadership. Our interdisciplinary team of experts from business, politics and science focuses on designing effective communication for agile organisations.

We help you to communicate better!

We all are in a constant battle for attention to our communication concerns: employees’ attention to leadership messages, customers’ attention to our products, media attention to our information and stories.


We develop approaches that ideally maximise the intake of communication content by encouraging attention. And to do this, we invest less in technology and more in creativity! Communication solutions that have a lasting impact incorporate creative substance: an inventive enhancement. By this we mean an interdisciplinary, associative line of action based on insights and analyses, the development of narratives, suitable framing and graphic design.

This form of creative organisational consulting or psychology stimulates an ignition and amplification of communication strategies. They become not only inspiring and original, but above all more sustainable in the long term. Inventive enhancement is not a superficial staging but an upgrade of the communication concepts developed in this way.

We provide room for meaningful leadership!

Hierarchy meets agility: Who is making the decisions in a virtual world? How do we lead remotely? What can the analogue world learn from the digital world? And vice versa? In order to successfully optimise organisations, the necessity to blend established management skills such as steering, controlling and goal-setting will remain. In order to change process patterns and bring about lasting change, the ability to make sense is crucial, as is the promotion of networks between people.


KOMMUNIKATIONSRAUM creates a space for meaningful leadership by moulding an organisational environment in which people are able to do meaningful work, exploit their potential and thus jointly shape organisations effectively and successfully.

“Learn to be adaptive”: We encourage you to change!

Innovation instead of optimisation, change instead of continuity. What Viktor Frankl already coined in the middle of the last century is a prerequisite and endeavor in the context of today’s parameters: Revolutionary technologies and media, networking and innovative communication channels, demographic and social trends, new actors in politics and business – change is constant.


KOMMUNIKATIONSRAUM supports you with professional systemic process design, strategic communication know-how and targeted intervention methods for effective change.

Training & Development
In the gym: The Business Work out

KOMMUNIKATIONSRAUM trains organisations, departments, teams and individuals to optimise and expand their own communicative and methodological skills or to prepare themselves specifically for a particular situation. We provide support with tailor-made team offers as well as with open intensive training courses within the framework of our training programmes or within the framework of companies´ professional qualification programmes.

For the special requirements in procurement management, our international network partner Better Solutions CoachingConsulting offers trainings for purchasing teams and and specific negotiation situations.

Business Coaching
You are facing a change situation, preparing the first measures in your new job and are looking for a sparring partner?

KOMMUNIKATIONSRAUM supports you with systemic business coaching. In the course of this we work at the role/person interface so that you can optimally fulfil your professional (leadership) role and the expectations associated with it. This solution-oriented short-term consulting combines professional questions with personal development issues and deals with contradictions. Thereby you increase your own agency, expand your scope of action and gain confidence in your own competence and security for your actions.


Typical topics:

  • Support in challenging situations, e.g. change projects, change of position, cultural changes
  • Support in the processing of (known) improvement potentials, e.g. after a 360 degree feedback
  • Conflict Resolution