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Sense Making

Making sense as a key factor for change.

With the help of meaning or the creation of meaning, perceptions and actions in organisations can be harmonised. Leadership takes on the task of accompanying the construction of meaning and relating it to (new) organisational goals. This requires places for dialogue and reflection where narratives are developed. Ideally, sensemaking contributes to new perspectives that make phases of uncertainty and instability easier to manage.

From our Toolbox


We developed the “WERIETY-Lab” for the first time in 2018 together with FAS Research and the GRANAT network. WERIETY works with the concept of VARIABILITY as a success factor and makes it visible, designable and measurable. WERIETY designs variability with the help of behavioural parameters, works on pattern changes for leadership, new forms of cooperation, questions about the distribution of power and develops narratives.

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