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Logbook Ideal World 2021, anonymous experience report

Pause. Reflect.

Allow the view of the bigger picture to sink in.

Lifted up from the hustle and bustle of daily activities. Escaped the provinces of inertia, stereotypical thought patterns and conformism at full speed. Aimed for the infinite expanses of freedom of thought. Went into the depths. Profited from the stay in the gathering place of ideas. Enjoyed the outlook on contemporary demands such as agility, complexity management, inclusion. Built new relationships and made unfamiliar connections. Focused on strengths, reflection and empowerment with passionate place-based experts. Created space and confidence for new directions and gained a head start.

Make dust or eat dust.

Vom Was zum Wie in der Kommunikation.

Bettina Pepek


Kriseln Sie noch oder verändern Sie schon?

Bettina’s Best

Finest Collection.

Make it count

Developing potential.

Connecting the dots

Gain altitude and recognise patterns.

Being Agile – Acting Agile

Plan – Do – Reflect – Improve.


Standing on the shoulders of Giants.