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Connecting the dots

Gain altitude and recognise patterns.

“In a networked system, effects spread in a way that can hardly be calculated” (Peter Kruse). In order to be able to distinguish between functional optimizations and real pattern changes, certain preconditions are often necessary.

Recognising and understanding connections – designing contexts. How must communication in organisations be designed to make leadership effective and change feasible?

It helps us to gain altitude so that we do not lose ourselves in the narrow maze of daily activities: From the viewing platform, we see the big picture, understand how things interlock, how they are connected.

Spread your wings – here are some tips and resources to take off and discover the world in a whole new way:


Hidden Brain – praktische Einblicke in die Verhaltensökonomie

HBR IdeaCast – the latest on Business and Management (Havard Business Review)

ADA – Heute das Morgen verstehen


“From Good to Great”, Jim Collins

“Leading through the turn”, Elise Mitchel

“Next Practice”, Peter Kruse

“Crucial Conversations”, Patterson, Grenny, McMillan, Switzler

“Deep Work”, Cal Newport

Online Learning